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Cut Scenes

Snakes on a Ship (Lonely Shore)

Therapy (Skip Trace)


Love in Oasis Springs

Love in Oasis SpringsImagine Felix and Zed’s love story with no war, no space-faring or military careers, and nothing to get in the way of their happiness.  Could be boring, or completely and utterly cute! (Created and played in The Sims 4 by Kelly to celebrate two years of Chaos Station.)

​Read Love in Oasis Springs


A Family for Felix and Zed

ingesson-anatoliusWith the third anniversary of the Chaos Station series approaching, I revisited my two favourite Sims and prepared to get busy with the kids I’d promised them.

Read A Family for Felix and Zed


Shower Scene (Chaos Station)

Fireside Chat (Lonely Shore)

I’m Going to be Fine (Lonely Shore)

Begging For it (Skip Trace)

Finding the NAIL (Skip Trace)

Missing Persons (Inversion Point)  *Audio excerpt!

Miscommunication (Inversion Point)

First Contact (Inversion Point)

Sunset (Phase Shift)

Last of His Kind (Phase Shift)

Forced March (Phase Shift)


Guest Posts and Interviews

First, Last and Always Felix and Zed’s love story

Smitten With Reading Interview

Chaos Station by the Numbers Facts, figures and assorted trivia about the series

Character Interview Zed and Felix are interviewed by Tanis Nejem of Allspace Alliance News.

Chaos Crew Trivia Little known facts about the crew! Some of it was planned and some of it just happened. 🙂

Our Sci-Fi Influences

Sexuality in the Future

The Darkest Chapter Skip Trace as the middle chapter of the Chaos Station story.

Sci-Fi Encounters We chat about the inspiration for the Chaos Station series with USA Today HEA contributor, Veronica Scott

The Galaxy Express Interview. The inspiration for our series, our characters and the chaos quotient in Chaos Station.

Life, the Universe, and Nutella Character interview: Zander and Felix from ‘Chaos Station’ get together with Ethan and Jamie from ‘In the Kitchen’ to talk about anything and everything.

Aliens! A look at the aliens populating our galaxy.

Meet Julian The villain from Chaos Station is not fond of crew of the Chaos. (No kidding)

Meet Brennan Zed’s older brother has been searching for him for years. He’s about to get a call.



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